Not Sure How Bad It Is? How To Tell If Your Child Has A Dental Emergency

You want the very best for your kids. Part of that desire includes making sure they're happy and healthy. You know when to seek emergency medical care for your kids when they're sick or injured. However, it's not always easy to know what to do when your kids are in the middle of a dental emergency, especially when those emergencies occur after normal business hours. If your child is facing a dental problem after-hours, it's up to you to decide whether it's a true dental emergency, or not.

Are You At Risk For Cancer? Why Your Dental Exams Should Include Oral Screenings

When you think of your annual dental exams, you most likely think of x-rays, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatments. But did you know that comprehensive dental exams should also include oral cancer screenings? However, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, fewer than 15 to 25% of all regular dental patients had had a screening. These screenings are easy to perform, so if you want one done, all you need to do is ask your hygienist or doctor.

How And Why Chewing Gum Can Benefit Your Oral Health

If you are trying to preserve your oral health, you may want to consider chewing more gum. Often, people chew gum because of the flavor. However, chewing the sugarless gum can be advantageous to your oral health. Here are some of the ways that gum can benefit your dental health and why: It can reduce the number of bacteria within your oral cavity. The amount of tooth decay that you suffer is related to the microbes in your mouth.

Five Mistakes To Avoid After You've Had Veneers Put On

Porcelain veneers can work wonders by revitalizing a patient's smile. However, they are also an investment that patients need to protect through proper care.  The following are five mistakes that could compromise the appearance and strength of dental veneers after they've been put on. Avoid these mistakes and you can be sure of a flawless smile for years to come with veneers: Being lax about dental care on a daily basis

Is There an Alternative to the Traditional Dental Implant Technique?

Most people know that dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss. However, some are reluctant to undergo the procedure due to various concerns, such as the time it takes and the need for bone grafting in some cases. Fortunately, there are alternative techniques that can make it possible for you to get implants without having to worry about some or all of those concerns. To help you decide which technique is right for you, here is what you need to know.