Veneers Are A Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment That Gives You A Fresh Smile With White, Even Teeth

A popular cosmetic dentistry treatment to have done is to have veneers applied. These are thin covers made of porcelain that fit over the front of your teeth. They look natural when applied and they can transform your appearance. Here are the benefits of this cosmetic dentistry treatment

Your Teeth Are White Permanently   

When you get veneers put on, the dentist lets you pick out the shade of white you want from a color chart. As long as you have the veneers on, your teeth will be the shade you pick out.

That means you don't have to whiten your teeth any longer. Even if you wanted to, you can't whiten porcelain, so your teeth will always be the shade of white that you pick out until you have the veneers removed.

Imperfections Are Covered 

Veneers can't help severe problems, and they're not for covering cavities, but they can cover up things like chips, uneven teeth, and slightly twisted teeth. This means your front teeth could be even and have a nice shape if you get the porcelain shells put on all of your front teeth. 

Before the shell coverings are put on, some of the enamel on your natural teeth is removed so the shells fit flat on your teeth and don't stick out beyond your natural teeth. This makes them look natural while hiding minor tooth imperfections. You can get a single veneer on one tooth if you don't need to have all of your front teeth treated or made whiter.

Porcelain Looks Natural

One reason veneers are popular is because they are made from porcelain. Porcelain is a dental material that looks a lot like natural enamel when it comes to depth and translucence.

The material catches the light and reflects it in the same way as enamel. This makes the porcelain shells look like natural teeth even when they're placed right beside a natural tooth.

Your Teeth Will Function Normally

You'll still need to brush and floss as your dentist recommends because having veneers is no different from having natural teeth. Besides looking normal, they also function normally when you bite into food and chew. You just need to be careful about using your front teeth to pry open bottle tops and similar activities or you could pop off a veneer.

If you think this cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you, talk to your dentist. Your front teeth need to be in good shape, so if you have gum disease, you'll probably need to treat it first. You may also need to have cavities filled first. Once you have a filling, you can still get a veneer, since it will fit over your tooth, filling and all.