Vital Questions You Can Ask During A Teeth Cleaning

Although your oral care routine plays a vital role in maintaining your dental health, you are expected to go for teeth cleaning regularly. These teeth cleaning appointments are meant to improve your overall oral health by preventing dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

During these appointments, you can ask the dentist to clarify some things about your oral health. This post will share some inquiries you can make during the next dental cleaning appointment. 

Is Your Current Oral Care Routine Working?

Many adults today brush and floss incorrectly. Most people don't use the proper techniques. They also don't brush and floss as frequently or as long as they should. If you have a similar problem or simply want to know if you brush and floss correctly, don't hesitate to ask your dentist if your routine is working. 

When the dentist notices a lot of plaque or problems like cavities, it means that your oral care routine isn't working. The dental expert will recommend ways to improve the routine, which may include using different teeth cleaning products or changing the method.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

If you have come for your first dental cleaning appointment, you might want to know how often you should clean your teeth professionally. Usually, the durations vary depending on a person's oral health. 

Once the dentist assesses the condition of your dental health, they will make recommendations on how soon you should come back. Generally, teeth cleaning is required after every six months. But if you have specific issues that require special attention, the dental expert will recommend that you visit sooner.

What Foods Should You Eat or Avoid?

Sometimes, the dentist may recommend that you change your diet depending on the condition of your oral health. For instance, if your teeth are decaying, you may be asked to reduce or limit acidic or sugary foods and consume more fruits and vegetables. So, don't hesitate to confirm if you need to change your diet to improve oral health.

Have You Been Grinding Your Teeth?

If you have been grinding your teeth, the dental expert will notice the problem immediately after they perform an assessment. Maybe you have been experiencing jaw clicking or morning headaches and don't yet know if the issue is caused by teeth grinding. This issue usually occurs at night, so it's possible not to notice it. Your dentist will share details about the condition of your teeth, and if you grind your teeth, you will have to get a night guard and wear it every night.

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