4 Key Pediatric Dental Services For Children's Oral Health

Children's dental care specialists are trained to provide care to babies, children, and teenagers. They have the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to clean and restore the teeth of this demographic.

These are some services that children's dental care specialists offer in their offices.

1. First Exams For Babies And Infants  

Adults should get their teeth checked by a dentist every six months. However, even babies should visit the dentist's office. Some people don't realize that children should begin having dental exams as soon as they grow their first tooth. Dentists can monitor babies' teeth as they grow to ensure there are no problems. Dentists can also advise parents on the best way to care for their child's growing teeth. For example, using a soft, damp washcloth to gently clean your baby's gums can ensure that their mouth stays healthy and free of bacteria, even before they grow a full set of teeth.

2. Preventative Dental Treatments

Dentists can provide preventative treatments that can help kids avoid painful cavities and dental fillings. In addition to regular checkups, treatments like prescription-strength fluoride trays and dental sealants can remineralize teeth and protect them from the corrosive nature of plaque. These treatments are not painful, so they're typically well tolerated by children. Caring for your child's teeth now can help them retain healthy, strong teeth throughout their lives.

3. Routine Teeth Cleanings

Kids should brush and floss their teeth every day. However, home care alone is not enough to prevent cavities. Over time, biofilm can build up on the teeth, and it can only be removed using professional tools. Children's dental care specialists can clean kids' baby teeth and permanent teeth using dental scalers, electric polishing tools, and prescription polishing paste. Teeth cleanings are not painful, and they're a good opportunity for dentists to check in with kids about their home care routines. Dentists can provide advice that will help children keep their teeth, gums, and mouths clean in between regular appointments.

4. Accommodation For Kids With Special Needs

Some kids have special needs due to physical or mental disabilities, but that doesn't need to be an impediment to exceptional dental care. Dentists can provide accommodations for kids with special needs. Kids with sensory processing issues may benefit from using a weighted blanket, sunglasses, and noise-canceling headphones during their dental appointments. Dentists can also offer sedation for kids with motor function issues and those with more severe mental disabilities.