Keeping Your Dental Veneers In Excellent Shape: 4 Guiding Tips

Dental veneers are custom covers that envelop teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing. They have become popular over the years for good reasons. For instance, they cover dental defects, giving you a perfect smile. Besides that, they can last up to ten years before they need to be replaced. But to make them last longer, you must take good care of them to ensure durability. Here's how.

Practice Thorough Oral Hygiene 

The easiest way to maintain the tooth coverings is to care for them as you do with your natural teeth. It is not necessary to go overboard to keep your veneers in splendid shape. Simple oral practices, such as brushing them at least twice a day, flossing, and using a fluoride mouthwash, will keep them healthy and white.

Avoid Chewing Hard Foods

Like your natural teeth, teeth veneers are prone to cracking and chipping if exposed to physical trauma. Usually, they become more sensitive to damage as they age. For this reason, avoid biting into and chewing hard foods, such as sugarcane, raw carrots, and chocolate bars. Instead, eat them in small chopped pieces that will be of minimal risk.  Also, steer clear of inappropriate oral habits, such as chewing pens or opening your soda bottles using your teeth.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Many people tend to clench their teeth in their sleep or when they're stressed. While this practice may also lead to your natural teeth damage, dental porcelain veneers are especially sensitive. Grinding teeth causes the coverings to wear and tear, reducing their life span significantly. It also affects the placement, which may cause serious damage to both the veneers and your gums. You should therefore shun this habit to protect them. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, it is recommended to put on a mouthguard at night.

Regular Dental Checkups

Dental veneers can undergo damage that might go unnoticeable. Visiting your dentist frequently will ensure your veneers are taken care of, and any dental concerns are identified. Your cosmetic dentist will also make sure that teh veneers are in the right position. Additionally, they will advise you on ways to adjust your lifestyle to maintain yours in the best way possible and prevent any further damage.

Installation of dental veneers is an excellent way of investing in your teeth. It is important to take utmost care of them so that they can serve you for a long time and remain in superb shape.

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