Replacing Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a problem that can leave you self-conscious and functionally impaired. While it is easy to feel helpless when it comes to suffering extensive tooth loss, dental implants can be one of the most effective ways of restoring your dental appearance and functionality.

Do You Have To Periodically Remove The Dental Implants?

Patients may assume that their dental implants will need to be periodically removed in a fashion similar to dentures. However, you will actually simply brush the dental implant in the same way that you brush the rest of your teeth. Eventually, the replacement tooth will need to be replaced, and this should be the only time that it is removed from the implant that holds it in place.

Will The Dental Implants Feel Uncomfortable?

Another common assumption that people may have about dental implants is that they will be extremely uncomfortable. In reality, a patient will find that the process of getting acclimated to having a dental implant resembles what they will experience with getting a crown or having other major dental work done. During the first few days after the procedure, the tooth may feel slightly odd, but this sensation will pass as you acclimate to the implant. Patients that are having multiple implants placed at the same time may find that this takes slightly longer, but they will also rapidly acclimate to this change.

Can You Use Dentures And Implants To Address Your Tooth Loss Problems?

Some patients will be unfortunate enough to have lost many of their teeth over the years. For these patients, it may be more affordable for them to use a mix of dental implants and dentures in order to address their tooth loss. Luckily, these two dental treatments can work very well together. The dental implants can act as anchors for the partial dentures so that they can be securely held in place. If this is what you are wanting to do, your dentist will be able to assist you with determining the number of implants that would be needed to effectively support the partial denture.

Dental implants can be among the most durable and effective tooth replacement solutions. These replacement teeth will be permanent additions to the mouth that will be easy to acclimate to. The option of combining dental implants with dentures can make this a viable replacement option for missing teeth.

For more information about dental implants, contact a local dental provider.