Benefits Of Wearing Invisalign Appliances As An Adult

Traditional metal braces can align your teeth no matter what age you are; however, as people get older, they may prefer an alternative to brackets and wires. Invisalign dental appliances are clear aligners that are made from a special type of plastic. They move your teeth into their proper places gradually and can treat overbites, dental crowding, gaps between the teeth, and crooked teeth. Here are some of the benefits adults may enjoy from choosing Invisalign treatment over traditional braces to straighten their teeth.

Easy Removal 

As people get older, they are more likely to develop gum disease. Wearing metal braces may make it difficult to effectively clean your teeth, and therefore, small food particles may become lodged underneath the hardware. Conversely, clear aligners are removable, so that when you want to brush and floss your teeth, you can simply take them out. Before putting the aligners back in your mouth, you can clean them per your dentist's instructions.

Your dentist may recommend that you clean your aligners by rinsing them out with water and gently brushing them with your toothbrush. Your dentist may also recommend special tablets to soak your aligners in. The tablets will remove tartar and plaque and will disinfect your appliances. You can also soak your aligners in a weak hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect them before putting them back into your mouth.

Barely Noticeable 

Clear aligners are barely noticeable and are a great alternative for adults who may be uncomfortable at the thought of wearing metal braces. Adults who frequently give presentations in front of their coworkers or peers may feel more comfortable when speaking in public when wearing clear appliances. Not only are they discreet, but they may also help prevent speech problems that may be associated with metal braces.

When you have metal braces, tightening or alignment appointments are necessary so that your teeth can be gradually pushed into place. After metal braces are tightened, you may feel discomfort for a couple of days, which can slightly impair your speech. No adjustment appointments are necessary when you wear clear aligners, so you don't have to worry about potential speech impairments when delivering oral presentations or otherwise interacting with the public.

To learn more about the benefits of wearing Invisalign clear aligners, make an appointment with your dentist. After getting the information you need, you will be a more informed consumer so that you can make the decision that best suits your specific needs.