3 Reasons That You Shouldn't Get Dental Implants In A Different Country

If your dentist has informed you that dental implants will likely be necessary to give you the smile that you desire, one of the first things that you may want to know is how much this procedure will cost. You might be a little concerned to learn that dental implants tend to be one of the costlier dental procedures — after all, they involve plenty of complicated steps. If you're determined to move forward with this procedure, you may do some online research and learn how some dental patients visit foreign countries for dental implants because doing so costs considerably less. If you're leaning toward this idea, here are some reasons that you should think twice.

1. Cleanliness Concerns

Dental clinics in different countries don't always have the same cleanliness regulations as American clinics. This could mean that there's a higher risk of infection when you get dental implants in a dental clinic in another country — something that could compromise your overall health and perhaps even threaten your life. When you choose to get dental implants done locally, you can be confident that your local dental clinic adheres to a series of strict regulations and standards regarding hygiene and cleanliness.

2. Multiple Appointments

Dental implants aren't something that you get in one visit. Generally, you'll need to visit for a consultation, and then you'll need to visit the dentist to install the post in your jawbone. The post needs a period of time until the jawbone grows around it, at which time you'll need to revisit the clinic to have the artificial tooth mounted to the post. If you're thinking of traveling abroad for this work, this means scheduling several trips — and, if there are complications at any point, you'd be looking at more trips. When you choose a local dentist, the series of appointments won't be a concern.

3. Additional Costs

If you were to inquire about the cost of dental implants in a foreign country, you'd likely learn that this number is less than you might pay locally. However, you aren't factoring in the additional costs involved in the travel. These costs could include airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and more, and the series of days that you may need to attend each appointment can mean that you need to take a significant time away from work. This can mean that the cost of the procedure quickly increases — perhaps to the point that it begins to approach the local cost. Given these concerns with traveling abroad for dental implants, you're better off staying local.

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