Tips To Help Your Teen Enjoy Wearing Braces

If your teenager is very hesitant, nervous, and worried about getting braces for fear of being made fun of or not fitting in, you should realize that these feelings are very common for teens. Most teenagers worry about fitting in, and wearing braces can make a teen feel awkward or embarrassed. If your teen has fears like this, there are some things you can do that might help him or her feel a little better about getting and wearing braces.

Choose an orthodontist that lets kids customize their braces

Braces are not as ugly, dull, and boring as they used to be years ago. Today, many pediatric dentists and orthodontists offer fun colors and options for patients, and this typically helps teens enjoy their braces a little bit more. Each time a teen goes to the dentist, he or she might be able to choose a different color for the wires, rubber bands, brackets, and other parts. This helps kids feel better about wearing braces, and many kids even think that braces look cool because of the colors and options.

Make your orthodontist trips fun

A second way to help your teen feel better about braces and less self-conscious is by making the trips to the orthodontist fun. If possible, plan a little outing for each monthly visit. This might be stopping by a local ice-cream shop after the visits, going to a movie, or going shopping for a new outfit. If you plan something small to do after each visit, your child might begin to look forward to the ortho visits, simply because he or she will know that you will be doing something fun afterwards.

Stock up on fun foods

You could also take a shopping trip to a local grocery store the day before your teen gets braces to stock up on some fun foods that would be easy for your child to eat after getting braces. This could include ice-cream treats, yogurt, pudding cups, and anything else that is soft and that your teen likes.

Remind your teen that this is only temporary

Finally, you should remind your teen that wearing braces is only temporary, but that the effects of the braces will be lifelong and highly beneficial. Offering this reminder occasionally may also help your child feel better about braces.

These tips might help your teen feel better about wearing braces. If you would like to learn more about this, contact an orthodontist clinic today.