Why You Should Visit An Emergency Dentist If You Crack A Tooth

While cracking a tooth might not be as serious of an issue as getting a tooth knocked out of your mouth, it is still an issue that you should take seriously. When a tooth gets cracked, the tooth could end up experiencing a lot of different problems, and this is why you should get it fixed right away at a dental clinic. Here are some important things to understand about cracked teeth.

Cracked teeth often lead to a variety of problems

A tooth that has a crack in it is naturally weakened by the crack. The weakness the crack presents to the tooth makes the tooth vulnerable to falling out easier, cracking more, or allowing bacteria to seep inside. If bacteria gets into the tooth, it can cause decay to form on the tooth and can lead to an infection in the tooth. If you have ever experienced an infection in a tooth, you probably remember the pain associated with it. Infected teeth are extremely painful, and they usually require going through a root canal procedure to eliminate and fix the problem.

Dentists can fix cracks in several ways

You can avoid further problems from a cracked tooth by seeking help from a dentist. Your dentist will examine the tooth and may take x-rays too see how deep and wide the crack is. From there, the dentist will create a plan to fix the tooth. For minor cracks, dentists can often polish and sand the teeth to eliminate them, but this is true only when the cracks are on the outer surface only. If a crack is deeper than this, a dentist may recommend fixing it through the same procedure used for fixing a cavity. This procedure involves placing filling material into the crack and then smoothing out the tooth.

You should seek help even if the tooth does not hurt

The important thing to know about a cracked tooth is that you should seek help for it even if the tooth is not causing any pain or problems in your mouth. Leaving the tooth unchecked and untreated is never a wise move, even if you do not think there is a problem with it.

So many things in life can lead to a cracked, chipped, or loose tooth, and this is not something you should ignore. If this happens to you, seek help from an emergency dentist in your area.