Five Mistakes To Avoid After You've Had Veneers Put On

Porcelain veneers can work wonders by revitalizing a patient's smile. However, they are also an investment that patients need to protect through proper care. 

The following are five mistakes that could compromise the appearance and strength of dental veneers after they've been put on. Avoid these mistakes and you can be sure of a flawless smile for years to come with veneers:

Being lax about dental care on a daily basis

Sometimes, patients who get veneers start to feel like their dental care regime doesn't matter because their teeth look perfect. However, veneers will not protect your teeth from cavities and other dental health issues. Also, veneers can start to look stained and flawed quickly if dental patients don't keep up on oral health care.

After you get veneers put on, it's more important than ever to take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day. You also need to schedule regular dental appointments in the months and years after you get veneers put on to keep your veneers properly maintained. 

Using a brush with bristles that are too hard

Your dentist may instruct you after you get veneers to only use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Brushes with hard bristles can damage the polish that is used on veneers. It can create scratches that detract from the appearance of veneers over time. 

Chewing hard objects or eating foods that are extremely crunchy

Veneers can become damaged if you are not careful. Chewing on hard objects or foods like hard candy can cause your veneers to become chipped. It's best to avoid any extremely hard foods and to get rid of bad habits that could cause damage like chewing on fingernails or pen caps.

Consuming beverages that are known for staining teeth

Veneers can become stained just like your natural teeth can. If you continue consuming beverages that are known to cause stains- such as red wine, black coffee, and sodas- after you've had veneers put on, your veneers will eventually become stained.

The best way to keep your veneers looking great over the long term is to completely kick any bad habits you have of consuming the above mentioned beverages with excessive frequency.

Neglecting to address teeth grinding issues

If you have a problem with grinding your teeth while sleeping, you should always discuss the problem with your dentist. However, it's especially important to discuss the problem and seek treatment if you have veneers. 

Teeth grinding can weaken veneers over time or cause them to become chipped. Discuss solutions with your dentist like wearing a night guard to protect your teeth. 

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