Cleaning Up The Misguided Assumptions About Yellowed Teeth With Real Truths

No matter who you are, there is a pretty good chance that you have found yourself peering in the mirror and wondering how you could get a brighter and whiter smile. Having a white smile offers an air of confidence and is definitely worth talking to your dentist about. However, it is best not to go to the dentist for teeth whitening if you are there with unreasonable expectations. The fact is, some people have some pretty wrong assumptions about yellowed teeth and dental whitening. Check out these common misguided assumptions about yellowed teeth and dental whitening and the real truths you need to know before you seek this cosmetic dental treatment. 

Assumption: You can choose how white your teeth will be with whitening treatments. 

Fact: You may have in mind a certain shade of white you would like to see your smile be, but dental whitening can only do so much. It is true that the dentist will show you examples of different whitening shades that could be achieved with teeth whitening treatments. However, these are basically examples of shades you could possibly see. Not everyone will see the exact same results with treatments. 

Assumption: The main reason teeth are yellow is because they are not clean.

Fact: There are a lot of reasons why teeth can take on a yellow hue. In most cases, not having your teeth regularly cleaned and not being really adamant about brushing can indeed cause your smile to yellow. However, there are other factors that can come into play where the shade of your teeth are concerned. For example, some people have teeth a different shade because of genetic traits. In these situations, the effects of dental whitening treatment may not be as effective as it would be for others. 

Assumption: Once you have your teeth whitened, they will stay that way.

Fact: Modern dental technology regarding teeth whitening has came a long way from what it once was, which means when you have your teeth professionally whitened, you will likely get to enjoy the results for longer than what used to would be possible. However, this is not a fix-all solution that will last forever. Your teeth can return to their previous yellow shade over time and will do so quickly if you are not careful about avoiding things that can cause them to yellow, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and not properly brushing.