3 Tips for Affording a Removable Expander Without Insurance

Overcrowding can work a number on your natural teeth and result in years of dental issues. A removable expander may be the easiest way to correct this problem. However, getting a removable expander without any kind of dental insurance can often be costly. The dental appliance is designed to specially fit your teeth and your bite; therefore, it cannot easily be purchased from your local store. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help pay for a removable expander if you do not have insurance.

Visit a Dental School in Your Area

Getting affordable orthodontics without any kind of insurance can be a lot more difficult than a simple tooth cleaning or filling. However, dental schools often offer an array of services for a discounted rate. This is done because the work is completed by students that are not considered to be professional dentists yet. In many cases, the dental procedures are completed well and last for a number of years without any issues. You can find a dental school in your area by consulting your local hospital or private practices in your neighborhood. Through this method, you should be able to get a referral.

Contact a Dental Lab

Dentists often send your impressions to a lab in order to create the dental appliance or any other mold. The dental device is typically not constructed in the office unless it is a same day dental implant or denture bridge. Therefore, you can contact a dental lab that constructs orthodontic devices. They will typically ask you to send in a mold of your teeth in order to make a removable expander that fits your teeth. Once the orthodontic device is constructed you will need to have someone install it for you. This can be done by visiting a private dental practice or a dental school. 

See if Your Qualify for Medicaid

If you really have a difficult time paying for insurance, then you may qualify for Medicaid. This is an alternative form of health insurance that is only offered to individuals and families that are considered to be low-income households. These health insurance plans are subsidized by the government. You can easily see if you qualify for the program by taking a trip to a Medicaid office in your county.

A dental appliance like a removable expander can be difficult to afford if you do not have the help of insurance. Therefore, use these tips to help reduce the cost.