Have A Dental Bridge? Know How To Properly Care For It

A dental bridge is a great way to close the gap that you have between two teeth. Unfortunately, you will need to go beyond your normal oral hygiene routine to properly care for it. These tips will help your bridge stay in great shape

Dental Bridges and Oral Hygiene

Dental bridges work by placing a crown on the two teeth that surround a gap. They act as anchors that will hold the dental bridge in place between them. A fake tooth is attached to the bridge that fuses the teeth together. It's not possible to get traditional dental floss on either side of the fake tooth that is attached to the bridge, which makes it very hard for cleaning. Not flossing can cause food to get stuck between the fake tooth and your healthy tooth, which can lead to decay and cavities. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can clean this part of your teeth using special tools that can be found at a local drug store.

Floss Threaders

One tool that you can use are floss threaders. They resemble a needle made out of plastic, and as the name implies, you use it to thread dental floss between your teeth. The plastic needle helps guide the floss between your teeth, which allows you to use a regular flossing motion to get rid of plaque and stuck food particles.

Water Flossers

An incredibly helpful device that you can buy is a water flosser. It squirts a forceful stream of water between your teeth, which helps remove anything that is stuck under your dental bridge. While it is much easier to use than floss threaders, the device is much more bulky. Expect the water flosser to take up some of your bathroom counter space, as well as need a power outlet to operate. These two things also make it difficult to take with you when traveling.

Interproximal Brushes

Interproximal brushes are essentially tiny tooth brushes. They are thin and small with brushes that are wrapped around a wire instead of sticking straight up out of a base. The brush is small enough to fit between your teeth, and works by inserting it in and out of the space. This brush is not meant to be used to scrub the exposed surfaces of your teeth, so it is no a replacement for a toothbrush.

If you need tips for how to care for your new dental bridge, speak with a local dentist like Carpenter Dental, Charles M. Carpenter DMD, and Chas M. Carpenter DMD.