Sick Of Constant Dental Work On Your Tooth? It's Time For An Implant

If you have a tooth that started out needing a cavity, and then it needed a root canal, and now it needs to be extracted, it's time to get a permanent implant. Don't keep wasting your time and money with temporary solutions to your tooth problem that can now be permanently treated.

A dental implant in place of the rotted tooth could be the last dental work you ever need for that problem, and you may forget you ever had work done on it. Here are few reasons why you should consider dental implants and how they could actually make life easier in the future.

Implants Don't Rot or Deteriorate

The implant won't rot or deteriorate, so you don't have to worry about cavities, root canals, damaged enamel or sensitivity. Instead, you get a strong and durable permanent tooth that works like a natural healthy tooth to eat, drink and chew. This means never paying for a filling, root canal, or crown for the implant again, and you won't have to worry about it rotting as you age.

Implants are the Healthy Choice

Implants are the healthiest replacement option for your mouth when you can't have natural healthy teeth. The implants are easy to floss around to keep the gum tissue health in the mouth, they can be brushed like regular teeth, and they won't collect bacteria that could put your oral health in jeopardy.

Get a Natural Look

There is no showing metal on the implant because the hardware is fused into the bone. Instead, all you see is the white tooth, which matches the existing teeth in the mouth. The tooth is shaped to fit perfectly in the mouth, and it will be the same size as the other teeth. This looks and feels natural for the patient, and it blends with the other teeth in your smile.

If you feel like you're always having work done on a specific tooth and now your dentist is talking about putting a bridge in the area, tell your dentist you're ready to get a permanent dental implant. Having a permanent option infused in the bone, and knowing that you aren't going to have to worry about that tooth in the future, is making a great investment in your oral health. If the dentist doesn't perform implants in their office, they can recommend an oral surgeon to take care of it for you.