Factors That Will Affect the Cost of Your Braces

Are you interested in getting braces in order to get your teeth straightened out, but are not sure what it's going to cost? Before getting braces you should know what type of factors affect the final cost in terms of financial commitment. It would be an unwelcome situation if you opted for a treatment that at first you thought you could pay for, but a few moths down that isn't the case. With that thought in mind, here are the top factors that affect the cost of braces treatments:

  • The type of braces chosen: Stainless steel braces are the cheapest on the market, simply because the materials used to make the braces are cheap. Furthermore, Invisalign braces are one of the more expensive ones for similar reasons. However, people are typically prepared to pay this extra cost for their main advantage, which is the ability to visually hide that they have braces.
  • Adjustments: As your treatment progresses, the placement of your teeth will change, which means adjustments to the braces need to be made. The number of adjustments required will be different for everyone because it depends on how your teeth are responding to the treatment. Generally, the more adjustments you need the more expensive the treatment will be.
  • Duration of the treatment: The more time it takes for your teeth to respond to the treatment the more dental visits you'll need, which will increase the final bill. On average you can expect metal braces treatment to last around 23 months.
  • Experience of the dentist: A dentist who has more experience will charge more money for the treatment. However, because of the extra cost, you are increasing your chances of achieving a perfect tooth alignment. Having said that, you should search for a dentist that offers both a high quality service and competitive pricing.
  • Travel cost: Because of the need to make regular visits to the dentist for adjustments you should select a dental office that does not cost a lot of money to get to. For example, if you have to spend $20 on gas for every visit, then at one visit per month it will equal to $430 — given that you receive the treatment for an average duration of 23 months. This extra cost can be avoided by choosing an option that's local. For more information on treatments, talk to a professional such as Arrowhead Family Dentistry.