Learn Your Options For A Cracked Tooth

You might not know what your available options are for a cracked tooth, but whether or not you feel pain from it, it's best to call a dentist before the problem gets out of hand. To help you understand the various options that are available to you, you need to continue reading. Once you have an idea of what you can have done, you will be ready to schedule your appointment and get the necessary work done.


Whether you have minimal dental insurance or you need to pay cash for all procedures, consider how much money you can afford to spend on dental treatments prior to your appointment. If you are on a tight budget, you might opt for the tooth to be completely pulled without having thing else done. Sure, this would leave a gap in the line of teeth, but if it is out of sight of your smile line and will not affect your ability to properly chew foods, it might not matter to you in the end.

Dental Crown 

With the dental crown option, only the chipped piece of tooth will be removed while the piece that is still firmly attached will remain. The dentist will need to file down the remaining part of the tooth. The tooth is then given a dental crown, which will look and feel like a real tooth. The dental crown is unique in that it attaches to the remaining piece of tooth. This might be a slightly more expensive option, but it is designed to last for several years so many people find the money spent to be more than worth it.

Dental Implant

In some cases, no part of a cracked tooth can be saved. Then again, maybe a part of it can be kept but you do not like the option of the dental crown. In such cases, you can have the entire cracked tooth extracted and then replaced with a dental implant.  The implant is permanently placed in your mouth and will last for many years.

As you can see, there are a few different options to pick from when it comes to dealing with a cracked tooth. If you are still a little unsure as to which option would work the best for you, consult a dental clinic like Gentle Breeze Dental. When you do this, you will have your cracked tooth remedied before you know it.